Case Management

Let us take care of the deposition details

With one of our litigation support managers on your team, you gain a true professional partner that will stretch your resources by handling – at no additional cost – all deposition logistics for your entire case.

Rely on your dedicated litigation support manager for:

Your single point of contact – before, during, and after your case

From booking to billing, your litigation support manager is your direct channel for all deposition inquiries, as well as your liaison to the court reporters, videographers, interpreters, onsite support, and our postproduction professionals. Whenever possible, you’ll have the same dedicated litigation support manager, so they’ll get to know your unique needs and truly become part of your team.

Concierge-like Service

Gain peace of mind knowing your litigation support manager will handle all the deposition logistics for any case – big or small – including:

24/7 Service

When unexpected events arise, feel free to contact your litigation support manager any time of the day to attend to the situation.

Case Consultation

At the inception of your case, your litigation support manager will work with your team to assess your technological needs, develop a convenient scheduling protocol, and formulate a plan to help you manage your deposition discovery budget.

Progress Reports

Your litigation support manager will track each deposition from the time it’s booked until the final product is delivered, providing periodic progress reports along the way that may include:

Properly Formatted Deliverables

Your litigation support manager works with the postproduction team to ensure every file has been linked, synced, and properly formatted to your specifications.