Regarding Payment for California Deposition Transcripts

| by Heather Duncan, Esq.

Hardly a day goes by without a question about the CCP rules governing payment for California deposition transcripts. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to our readers to review the applicable rules.

Under California Code of Civil Procedure section 2025.510, unless there is an agreement to the contrary, any deposition recorded by stenographic means is automatically transcribed.

When a deposition is transcribed the court reporter prepares an original transcript and one certified copy (the “O&1”).  The party who notices the deposition is responsible for payment of the O&1.  Any other party, or the deponent, may obtain and pay for a certified copy of the transcript.

If the parties to the litigation have a different understanding about who should pay for the O&1 it is important to obtain an agreement and let the court reporter know as soon as possible.  

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