Navigating Advanced Settings for your Zoom Depositions

| by Network Depo Staff

Did you know that Zoom offers a free license that has all the same functionality of most paid licenses with the only difference being it times out at 40 minutes?  Signing up for a free license can allow you to host your own small meetings as well as play around on Zoom to become a true expert.

The area labeled “Video Settings” in the Zoom platform contains a wealth of customizable preferences and resources to ensure you are getting the most out of your Zoom deposition.    Once a setting or preference is checked within the Zoom platform, Zoom will remember your preferences every time you join a deposition.  

To get to the “Video Settings” area of Zoom, simply click on the up arrow (^) next to the start video/stop video icon and select “Video Settings.” When opened, the settings screen will automatically be highlighted on video settings. Look to the left and you should notice 12 other icons and options:

  1. General
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Share Screen
  5. Chat
  6. Background & Filters
  7. Recording
  8. Profile
  9. Statistics
  10. Feedback
  11. Keyboard Shortcuts
  12. Accessibility

Feel free to look around each icon and decide if some of the options would be helpful for you.  You can always change your preferences. Some of the most helpful ones are as follows:


  • “Use dual monitors.” If you want to make the most out of your screen real estate and always have shared content of exhibits on one screen with participants’ video on another, you can check “Use dual monitors.” You must logout of Zoom once this setting is checked and re-login for it to recognize the dual monitors. You can even opt to pop the deponent’s video screen out to be able to move it around as needed and enlarge. You will want to test this setting prior to your deposition to figure out what you can and can’t control and what preferences you like. 
  • “Enter full screen when starting or joining a meeting.” If you catch yourself always in full screen during most depositions, checking this one will save you some time. You can always exit full screen if ever needed by using the “View” button to do so.
  • “Always show meeting controls.” Alternatively, on a PC you can hit ALT on your keyboard to display the hidden controls or CTRL+\ for Mac.


  • Have you ever wanted to check your surroundings or appearance prior to actually turning on your video? This is the setting you go to while joining the deposition, before you turn your video on. It will always display your camera image as it will be seen. You will also want to make sure “Always show video preview dialog when joining a video meeting” and/or “Turn off my video when joining a meeting” is checked if you would like to always control your image prior to joining.
  • “HD.” Leave this unchecked or be aware of how to uncheck it if you or the deposition is experiencing any connectivity issues. HD does enhance the image but also takes up more bandwidth from the proceeding.
  • “Mirror my image.” This is typically automatically checked by Zoom, but if not, check it.  This will allow for words to display correctly to others if you ever need to hold up a piece of paper so others can read it. 
  • Touch up my appearance. Trust us.  Everyone is doing it.  Go ahead and check it and drag the cursor to the level you prefer.  From our extensive research, it seems to take away one or two small wrinkles and gives you a barely noticeable glow making up for spending the last 12 months inside.


  • Most audio settings are set to auto, but if you want to control your own audio, this is the spot to do so. You can actually suppress background noises here if you typically have a lot of background noise and mark that as high.
  • Scroll to the bottom to check “Mute my mic when joining a meeting” if you would also like to be automatically be muted when joining a proceeding.

Contact us at Network Depo if you ever need a practice session or want to practice newfound settings, share exhibits via share screen or chat, or get individual training.  Our training sessions are complimentary and sometimes you just need someone available on the other line to test Zoom prior to the real event, and we are always here for you.

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