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Navigating Advanced Settings for your Zoom Depositions

| by Network Depo Staff

Did you know that Zoom offers a free license that has all the same functionality of most paid licenses with the only difference being it times out at 40 minutes?  Signing up for a free license can allow you to host your own small meetings as well as play around on Zoom to become a true expert.

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Three Simple Zoom Deposition Tips + Tricks

| by Network Depo Staff

There are countless helpful tips and tricks you may want to utilize to make your deposition via Zoom the best experience possible.  By now most of us have attended Zoom depositions and feel well-versed with Zoom, but have you ever taken the opportunity to adjust your settings to your liking?

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Don't Forget It's For Trial Use

| by By Scott Bonesteel, Esq.

Depositions are a feature of the daily lives of those of us who claim to be ‘civil litigation attorneys’.  For every lawsuit filed there is typically at least one deposition and perhaps hundreds taken.  Of those lawsuits, statistics show that 95 percent or more settle without a trial.  However, one of the most painful experiences is to find yourself at trial without the deposition testimony, either direct or in the form of potential impeachment, you need to support your client’s claim or defense.

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