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Remote Deposition Traps to Avoid

| by Heather Duncan, Esq. and Manette Mays, Litigation Support Consultant

Now that we have been “sheltered-in-place” for the last eight weeks, most of us have had a chance to appear via web cam for meetings and depositions. Below are tips from attorneys, court reporters and videographers on ways to avoid traps for the unwary.

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Recording a FINRA Arbitration

| by Heather Duncan, Esq.

Image by Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA [CC BY 2.0]

Upon occasion, Network Deposition Services is asked to provide a certified shorthand reporter to cover an arbitration for FINRA. FINRA, the private self-regulatory organization that regulates many aspects of the security industry, follows its own unique set of procedural rules and regulations. 

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